Shrediquette NanoQuad is airborne

The first prototype of our NanoQuad flies.

I saw two mini Quadrocopter on the Internet early in May 2011. I was fascinated and decided to build one on my own. Because I already built a Shrediquette DLX Tricopter a year ago and I personally know William as friend I decided to build the sNQ (Shrediquette Nano Quadrocopter) based on William's quadrocopter source code. I made some thoughts about the concept and decided to use the IMU-chip MPU-6050 from Invensense. I know Harald from the forum roboternetz.de and he already made a layout with this IMU-chip for the Tricopter in april 2011. I mailed him and told him about my idea... and what should I say... he liked my idea, and asked whether he could join.

And of course i agreed ;-)

So we discussed the hardware approach and the whole specification of this little Quadrocopter. Haralds main part was the design of the hardware, my part was the adaption and advancement of the software. In fact we also do minor changes in each others field of activity. Our biggest problem in putting the sNQ to work was the tremendous delay of Invensense getting the MPU-6050 to market. The whole design of the sNQ was stable in early september 2011 and from then on we waited nail chewing for the MPU-6050 to come to the shelves. In the end Harald contacted Invensense directly and after some to and fro he got the information that one of the european distributors of Invensense will deliver the MPU. Shortly after, in the last days of september, we got hold of some of those chips, soldered them onto the first two prototype boards and after some minor code optimizations the NanoCopter was airborne.

It's weight is about 20 grams and the maximum diameter is about 14cm with an option to go down to 12cm.

MCU: ATmega328p @ 16MHz
IMU: MPU-6050 from InvenSense
LiPo: 130mAh from Silverlit
Receiver: IR TSOP alike from Silverlit
The motors, LiPo's and the IR-Receiver are from broken TandemZ from Silverlit. The propellers are also from Silverlit. 

For more informations about the building-phase see Haralds website: *KLICK* (German)



  1. Really nice work!
    Smaller isn't possible because we wouldn't see it anymore ;)

  2. Awesome!! I wanna make one myself Wow its amazing !